Pictures of Quilts

We will post pictures of finished quilts here when we get them.  Should be exciting!

Oct 27, 2013
First blocks being formed!  Way to go Cheryl - Love it!

Nov 24, 2013  Thanks Nancy!

Jan 18, 2014  Thanks Judy!

Jan 19, 2014  Thanks to the girls of Troop 8422 in Texas - You all did a great job!

Feb 23, 2014 Received in Kijabe from Rose, Janet and Lorraine - Love it!

Mar 13, 2014 - here are a few more!
From Delleen and all the kids - Wow!

Label - so pretty!

From Delores and Janice - Fish!

Love it!  Donna S.

So Beautiful Sharon M

Sherry N - what a great pattern!
Mar 22, 2014
Suzanne N - Looking good!

April 5, 2014
Thanks Michelle and Renee!

The ladies at Crossroads Church - Evart Michigan
Wow Delores, Sandi and Jenny!

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