Sunday, October 20, 2013

Explanation of 100 Quilts!

Lala Salama (Sleep Peacefully) - the 100 Quilts Project
BethanyKids Children's Center at Kijabe Hospital, Kijabe, Kenya

The aim for this project is to provide a special quilt for every child's bed in the new BethanyKids Children's Center at AIC Kijabe Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya.  This building is scheduled to be complete in mid 2014.  This hospital will serve vulnerable children all over East Africa with medical and surgical conditions, especially Spina Bifida and birth defects.
If you feel like you can make a quilt, please look at the specifications listed below.  Having the quilts donated from around the world will make the look and feel of each ward special.  Thank you so much in advance for contributing to this project.
Specifications for the quilts:
The theme for the wards is "Islands of Hope."  We want to create a feeling of comfort, encouragement and hope in the wards with these quilts.
1.     Colors:  The color palette is greens and taupe (see the sample below and Benjamin Moore/Sherwin Williams paint chip details).  Please stay away from reds, oranges and pinks.  Teal can be used for accents as that is the theme in the common areas that are just outside of each of the wards (see the sample below).  Whites should not be used as they may stain easily.
2.     Quilt Pattern:  Any!  This is to be a self expression, so please feel free to do what you please.
3.     Fabric Prints:  Please be sure not to use anything that may have bugs (even cartoon ones) or other such prints that may scare a child - remember, these are sick, often anxious children who may be far from home.  Animals, birds, flowers and butterflies are all OK.
4.     Pre Washing:  Please pre wash the fabrics and batting to prevent over shrinkage.
5.     Fabric Material:  Please use 100% cotton for the tops and backs.  Fleece can also be used.
6.     Batting: Please use 100% cotton as this is easiest to keep clean in a hospital setting.  Pre washing is desired so that shrinkage is not an issue.  These quilts will be washed a lot!  And, it does get cold in Kijabe and there is no central heating.
7.     Size:  The quilts should be 150 - 165cm (59 - 65 inches) by 200 - 210cm (79 - 83 inches).
8.     Label:  Please include a label on the back that says who made it, where it was made and the date (at a minimum).  You can also include a scripture or other encouragement.
9.     Completion date:  We would like to have the quilts by April of 2014.  They can be sent by a variety of means.  They can be mailed directly to Kijabe Hospital or can be mailed to the BKCC Boards in the United States, Canada or England.  If not shipped directly to Kijabe, they will be delivered to someone traveling there soon to be hand carried.

Bethany Kids Children's Center
100 Quilts Project
c/o Justus Marete
PO Box 61
Kijabe, Kenya 00220
(Please note: duty will be paid on the dollar amount given on the customs form. Please value each item at <$20 and in the description put "donated bedding").

Bethany Kids USA
100 Quilts Project
c/o Teresa Davis
PO Box 1297
Abingdon, VA 24212-1297, USA

Bethany Kids Canada,
100 Quilts Project
c/o Ivan Stewart
PO Box 1202
Kingston, ON K7L 4Y8

Bethany Kids UK
100 Quilts project
c/o Colin Stewart
44a High Street
Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 1JG

Please accept our thanks for your donation in advance.  We are so excited to be able to tap into the skills of so many wonderful people to contribute to the beauty of this special place.

You can read more about BethanyKids at their web site:  You can see the children's center if you go to "Our Work" then scroll down to "BethanyKids Children's Centre"

Please go to to see pictures of other quilts and get information.

You can go to the sites of these popular brands to look up the color pallet.

Benjamine Moore Colors:               
Greens: Baby fern 2029-20
            rosemary green 2029-30
            stem green 2029-40
            potpourri green 2029-50
            pale vista 2029-60
            frosty lime 2029-70

Sherwin Williams Colors:
Teals:   Maxi teal SW 6769
            Gulfstream SW 6768
            Aquarium SW 6767
            Mariner SW 6766
            Spa SW 6765
            Swimming SW 6764     

You can contact the following people for any questions:

Jullie Taubitz at

When you are finished with your quilt, can you send a picture?  Send it to either Mardi or I at the above email address and we will post it to the blog for other people to see.  Let us know where you are located and your name if you wish to share!